The Cultivator Scholarship Application- BIPOC & low- income
We’ll launch with six spots and placement will be chosen by a combination of application submission order and by what we like to call “readiness.” We determine readiness for our community members by considering the following factors: number of years in business, current sales revenue, and time availability. We want to make sure the membership is a great fit and that you can enjoy it! Scholarship membership will be $48/month and we will be in touch before we officially launch on August 1, 2021.
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Emblossom’s Cultivator group is geared towards people who have an established herbal product businesses. We are planning future offerings for people at the early stages of business development. To help provide a sense of the size of your business, we are asking about business income. We recognize that income is different from profit and from access to financial resources. What is you’re the current annual income (before expenses) for your business? *
For income-based scholarships, please take a look at the Green Bottle sliding scale infographic below and let us know which bottle best describes your current financial situation. (This question is optional for BIPOC scholarships.)
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More about sliding scales
You can read more about the Green Bottle sliding scale and a wonderful article on sliding scales at Thanks to Alexis Cunningfolk for creating this graphic and article.
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