GVP Series 3 Consortium (2020/2021)
Thank you for your interest in joining the Green Vibes Project Series 3 Consortium!

We're excited to work with our composers to create an ever-growing collection of "green" repertoire! Below you'll find information about the individual pieces, various buy-in options, and additional details about the consortium.

Thank again for joining us - stay green!

About the Composers and Compositions:

Aleyna Margaret Brown - S3 Composer (https://www.aleynabrown.com/)
Instrumentation: Vibraphone, Cajon, Flute, Mixed Media
Duration: est. 8-10 mins
Details: "Gaia" for vibraphone, flute, and cajon is a musical, textural, and spiritual exploration of Earth as embodied by the eponymous primordial Greek goddess. The piece is a celebration of Earth, mother, the very personification of nature and its gifts. As a feminist artist and composer, I seek influence and inspiration from powerful feminine figures. Mother Nature, Gaia, Terra; she is known by many names. Through this piece, in celebration and collaboration with the mission of the Green Vibes Project, I celebrate Her.

Joe Moore III - S3 Composer (http://joewmooreiii.net/index.html)
Instrumentation: Percussion Quartet, Saxophone, Flute
Duration: est. 8 minutes

Dave Molk - S3 Composer (https://www.molkmusic.com/)
Instrumentation: Vibraphone, Percussion, Saxophone, Backing Track
Duration: est. 7-8 minutes
Details: This piece will be a "groove monster for sax, vibes, percussion, and backing track!"

Ryan Robinson - S3 Composer (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryrobperc/)
Instrumentation: Percussion Quartet (including vibraphone and steel pan)
Duration: est. 6-8 minutes

For our Series 3 Consortium, there are multiple pricing options...

Tiered Payment System:
Tier 1 - $50 Consortium Fee / 1 piece of your choosing (Digital Score+Parts)
Tier 2 - $90 Consortium Fee / 2 pieces of your choosing (Digital Score+Parts)
Tier 3 - $130 Consortium Fee / 3 pieces of your choosing (Digital Score+Parts)
Tier 4 - $180 Consortium Fee / All 4 pieces (Digital Score+Parts)

All fees can be paid via Venmo: @greenvibesproject
Please use "#Series3" in the description!

Consortium Details:

Pieces to be delivered on or before January 1st, 2021.

Consortium members will receive exclusive performance rights for each piece you buy-in to until March 2022 and have your name listed in each score.

Rights to the "world premiere" and to the first audio/video recording are held by the Green Vibes Project.

Delivery of materials will be via Dropbox/Google Drive download link. Contents of delivered files will include score and individual parts (all digital) as well as any additional media files.

Any additional questions can be directed to Chase Banks, Artistic Director at admin@greenvibesproject.org
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