The Shiloh "His Gifts" Experience
As the world gets more uncertain, many of us are searching for increased spirituality which we generally define as peace, purpose, and sense of direction from a higher power that is watching, caring, and inspiring us to be our better selves. We believe that God and Jesus Christ are key to increased spirituality.

We also recognize that some find spirituality in religion, nature, or other pursuits. All are welcome, but this project is not for proselytizing, converting, arguing, or bashing the beliefs of any other person or for sharing any doctrinal specifics that divide and seek to be 'right'.

This experience is about these three things:

1. Recognizing His gifts in our life
2. Studying Christ's character attributes to emulate
3. Setting goals to become more like him.

So join us.

Take a pen and paper and start by writing out the things you are grateful for.
Next, what character attribute would you like to work on? Example's from Jesus' life are humility, charitable, kind, forgiving, patient, loving. We'll engage with you over time to share insights about Christ's attributes.

Lastly, set some specific measurable goals and actions to get there. A daily goal like this is an example. (Do something kind each day).

That is the primary action. But to be helpful, if you share your information, we'll provide feedback and encouragement along the way.
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