Strictly Northampton Kids 2019
Do you know a child who loves to dance? Then enter them for our Strictly Northampton KIDS event

Applicants chosen will be professionally trained for 8 weeks by Step by Step Dance School. Raising money for local children’s charity, Bruce Green Foundation.

The show will take place on Sunday 10th November at The Deco Theatre , Northampton.

First Name of Child
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School Year in September 2019
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Parent/Guardian Full Name
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Relationship to Child
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Terms and Conditions
Please read carefully the following terms of participation and tick to confirm your acceptance.

As parent/guardian:

I/we confirm that my child has not previously participated in Latin or Ballroom dancing lessons to medal or competition standard

I/we agree that my child will raise a minimum of £100 sponsorship for the chosen charity - Bruce Green Foundation

I/we confirm that my child can attend a minimum of 2 hours group rehearsals between the hours of 1.00pm and 3.00pm at our Northampton Dance Studio on Saturdays starting on September 14th 2019.

I/we agree to purchase suitable dance shoes and performance costumes for my child for the show as recommended by the Step by Step team

I/we confirm that my child is in good physical health and know of no medical or health reasons why he/she should not participate in dance activities

I hereby agree to the above Terms & Conditions.
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