Yard Trailer and Dry Sail Information
There are many unmarked trailers, dry-sail boats and dinghies in the yard. MYC needs to know what is in the yard, and who it belongs to for proper management. Please fill out this questionnaire and be sure to label your equipment. Please fill out the form even if you do not have any items stored in the yard or kayak racks. Contact Andy Hudson andrew.hudson@westpoint.edu if you have questions.
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Please check all equipment stored at MYC.
If you have a trailer, what is the license plate number?
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What is the dinghy (or jet ski etc.) trailer license number if different from the above?
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What is the dry sail boat's brand and length? (or jet ski etc.)
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What is the dry sail boat's state registration number?
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Do you have anything else stored on MYC property? (Ex. storage trailer, canoe, skiff - other than your main boat)
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Thank you for your help.
Please remember to label all items with your name and an MYC sticker.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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