iGEM Good Laboratory Practices
Hi! We are iGEM ITESM-CEM team, greetings from Mexico. We want to know how iGEM teams work on the laboratory according to GLP's. Gather all your team and answer it together. This survey is totally anonymous, so be free by answering it AS HONEST AS YOU CAN PLEASE :).
Do you eat and/or drink in the lab? *
Does your iGEM team wash their hands before and after finishing work? *
Do you keep laboratory tidy and clean after finishing work? *
Do you keep lab coats white and clean? *
Do you have a previous schedule in order to maintain an organized lab work?
When doing lab work, do you wear lab coats? *
When preparing LB media or any other laboratory reagent, how often does it get contaminated? *
Have you ever left enzymes, plasmids or DNA at room temperature when finishing lab work? *
Do you have an organized and well documented lab book? *
When having lab doubts, is your instructor always accessible to clear them? *
Do you have an specific biological and chemical waste disposal place? *
Is your equipment constantly calibrated? *
When working with hot or cold equipment. Do you use to wear the proper protective gear? *
When labeling microcentrifuge tubes, Petri dishes, test tubes, or another kind of laboratory instrument. What happens the most? *
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