Beyond Resolved Mentor/Mentee Application Form
All answers will be kept confidential— even among Beyond Resolved Staff. Two people (Zara Chapple and Camilla Green) have access to the forms and are using them exclusively to match you up with suitable mentors. If you have any questions or concerns please email or
Respondents will be notified as soon as possible. The program itself will start on October 1st, 2019 and run through the end of June 2020. Applications for both mentors and mentees will remain open all year.
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Are you applying to be a mentor or mentee (mentors must be in 11th grade or older and have two full years of debate experience) *
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How many hours of one on one attention would you want / be willing to offer per week? *
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How has your gender and sexuality affected your experience in speech and debate? *
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Has your religion affected your experience in speech and debate? *
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How has your race affected your experience in speech and debate? *
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How has you (or your school's) economic privilege affected your experience in speech and debate? *
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How has mental health or disability affected your experience in speech and debate? (If you are looking for a more in depth mentor program dedicated to people with disability, we would suggest applying for NotDebatable's) *
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For the following questions, please indicate how important it is that you mentor/mentee someone with a similar experience on a scale of one (don't care at all) to 5 (necessary) *
Mental Illness
School Support
If you haven't been discriminated against in any areas above, please explain why you think we should still consider you as a mentor / mentee in a program designed to help marginalized people.
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Would you be interested in participating in a shared blockfile among mentors and mentees (PF ONLY AS OF NOW)? *
Is there anything else you would want to share (including who referred you to this form)
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What qualities are you looking for in a mentor?
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Why are you participating in the mentorship program?
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What qualities do you think you have that would make you a good mentor?
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If you have not experienced discrimination in the debate space and are instead filling this form out in the hopes of providing help/coaching services via BR, that is not the intention of this program. Please fill out our Free Office Hours Volunteer form instead:
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