MCS Media Consumption Survey
Mount Carmel School's Media Consumption Survey is used to collect data on the different social media platforms that its parents use for effective marketing and communication strategies. All survey results are anonymous and will be used for the benefit of the institution.
For information about upcoming events and announcements, what is your preferred method of receiving information? Please check all that apply to you. *
Do you keep up with local news from the CNMI's local news outlets? *
How often do you read the news? *
Which method do you prefer to read the news? *
Which local newspaper do you follow more often? *
Do you listen to the radio? *
Which radio station do you listen to most often? *
Other than the radio, which other music outlets do you use most? *
Where do you usually watch tv, movies, videos? *
Which social media platforms do you use often? *
Which electronic medium are you on most often in a day? *
If you are currently employed, which workforce sector are you in? *
Lastly, please select the age group that applies to you. *
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