Latitude 48 Competitive Program Registration September 1, 2021 - Feb 28, 2022
This program is for paddler looking to train and race at a competitive level. Paddlers in the competitive program have accountability to teammates and contribute to a positive culture through good sportsmanship and a sense of community. Our competitive program supports both “open” (any age) and senior masters (50 plus) athletes.

Coaches: James Hill and Melanie Conard

Training Schedule:
Current health restrictions allow training and racing in team boats (OC6). However, as things evolve and restrictions change, training may be move to solo (OC1). Current training times:

OC6 Tuesday and Thursday @ 6pm and Sunday @ 9am
OC1 training is incorporated into some of these sessions

Paddlers that have completed a successful OC1 recovery and have demonstrated competency in boat handling, have access to club OC1s and OC2 for additional personal training outside of practice times at no additional cost.

Racing: The competitive team competes in local, regional and international races through the late fall, spring and summer.

Cost $320 for 6 month season
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