Giant Moon Map Application
ShareSpace Foundation is selecting schools and informal education organizations to which we will donate a Giant Moon Map. The purpose of this form is to provide information for the selection committee for the 2020-2021 selection process.
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Please describe the target audience for the map. Can your student/client population be described as underserved? If so, please provide evidence for this classification. (i.e. % of free & reduced lunch, racial or ethnic diversity, isolated location, rural, etc.) *
Please describe how you plan to use the Giant Moon Map and the impact you expect it to have on your students. *
Please describe how you will assess the effectiveness of your use of the giant map. *
Are you willing to become a part of the Giant Moon Map community by sharing lesson ideas, pictures of activities, or stories of how you use the Giant Moon Map and materials? *
To assist us in our efforts to measure and improve the effectiveness of the Giant Moon Map Program, are you willing to conduct and submit a short pre- and post-test with students/clients? No personally identifiable data will be collected. *
Also, as a part of our efforts to measure and improve the effectiveness of the Giant Moon Map Program, are you willing to complete and submit an end-of-project summary of the uses of the map? *
Are you willing to attend a training session either via Skype or in person if one can be arranged in your area? *
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