Lockdown 3: Elevations Dance

Please consult our Zoom guide for the timetable, what's on, dates, fees/credits etc.

1. Classes will only run with a minimum participant number. Cancellations will be emailed with at least 12 hours notice. We are always very sad if we have to do this.

2. Familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions, and useful tips with regards to participating in a Zoom class. Please try and change the display name to the first name of your child for ease of our instructor.

3. As per our Zoom guide confirms, fees in credit can be used against Zoom lessons. On booking classes with us, you will be sent an email confirming how much you need to pay- and we will minus your credits. The remaining balance must then be paid before Zoom codes are released to you.

4. We are happy to accept non-members for some of our Zoom sessions. Please email to enquire before booking.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. hayley@elevationsleeds.co.uk

Name of Participant: *
Parent email: (ensure this is correct as this is where the Zoom code and invoice will be sent) *
Mobile telephone (incase issues with your email): *
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Sessions for children in Nursery- Year 1
Sessions for Children in Year 2- Year 6 Primary
Sessions for High School/College
Ballet and Tap Descriptions and Advice
Tap: You need to attend the Grade you are on. We have more work to do with the end dance across the board for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 tap.

** is someone who is already on this grade at the school, and thus should sign up for this session as you know (or have started to learn the content).

For ballet, I appreciate some of you who have been awaiting exams for quite a while, might be bored of the current Grade- I have tried to email everyone who I think this might be the case (see spam or email me if you think this should be you and didn't receive a mail). I thus, invite these people to a fresh learners next grade.

Quite a lot of you will remain on the Grade you currently do as we still have lots to learn. If in doubt, email me before booking. Happy to answer. You might want to continue on your ** grade, and also be a fresh learner of the next grade if you are a keen bean and you/I think you could cope with the requirements of the syllabus at the next level.

Graded Ballet & Tap - for Primary and Prep- see the grades noted above in the age groups as opposed to here...
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