Pocket Spacecraft Fleet Request
Form to request the formation of a new Pocket Spacecraft: Mission to the Moon fleet.
List of Scout Fleets *
Choose the Scout Fleet you would like to join from the list below or select [Create new fleet] and we'll set up a new Scout Fleet for you and your friends.
What is your KickStarter name? *
We need this information to affiliate your Scout to your Scout Fleet.
What is your email address? *
We'd like to be able to contact you if we have any questions.
New fleet information
Fleet name
If you would like to create a new fleet, please enter its name here.
Does your proposed fleet name contain a trademark?
Please don't request fleet names that contain trademarks unless you are the trademark holder and can prove it - thanks!
Clear selection
How many people might join your fleet?
Numbers don't matter, we'd just like a rough idea.
Fleet website
Please provide a URL which people can view to find out more if they click on your fleet name.
Thank you for requesting a new Pocket Spacecraft fleet!
Please note that we reserve the right to create and delete fleets for any reason at any time. Pocket Spacecraft is a family friendly project.
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