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To use these forms you must have a URRN (Unique Rescue Reference Number).  To apply for one, click Forms in the menu and complete and submit the Rescue Registration form.

Please click ON the words "Your answer" to enter your responses.

Due to the restrictions still in place in several areas concerning Covid-19, we will be offering a restricted service until further notice. Please see the pinned post and guidelines on our Facebook page & be aware of relevant government guidelines before you submit this request.

Thank you.
URRN (required) *
Rescue Name (required) *
Tagable Contact - This MUST be a member of our Homecheck Group and must be the name on the facebook profile in order to be tagged (required) *
Have you (or the rescue responsible for this animal) spoken to the applicant(s) directly to initially assess their suitability? *
Homecheck Address (Street, Town / City) *
House name or number + street + town/city
Homecheck POST CODE *
Name of person(s) being homechecked *
Contact Number of person(s) being homechecked *
Use of PostCode disclaimer
In order to match a volunteer with a requested homecheck, we use a FULL postcode to generate a location map, and we post a full postcode on our Closed Facebook Group. This allows us to contact the closest most suitable matches for your homecheck to cover your request in a timely fashion. It is your responsibility, as the applicants service provider, to ensure that they are aware of how you and subsequently we use their data to fulfill our service obligations to you and your service obligations to them. Once a homecheck is covered, our posts are deleted from the group.

Please indicate here that you or the rescue have made the applicant aware of this.
The applicant is aware of how their postcode will be used. *
Did this animal originate from the UK or has it come from another country? This does not have any bearing on whether we can help you but allows us to include relevant considerations during a homecheck. *
Name of Dog *
Age of Dog *
Breed of Dog *
Other Information - you may use this section to advise of time frame or urgency, however you must provide information as to why this home check is urgent, otherwise it will not be treated as urgent.
Please read and confirm the following before submitting - Once you are informed that a homecheck has been matched with an Animal Team volunteer, please ensure the volunteer is contacted as soon as possible with relevant information including full homecheck address, specific dog information if one is in mind and any relevant information on the applicant(s). *
May we pass on the applicant's name and telephone number to a matched homechecker in order for contact to be made asap? *
Sometimes applicants apply to various rescues, resulting in us receiving multiple requests for the same applicant. In this instance it would beneficial and save some time for all involved if we could share the homecheck findings with other rescues. We wouldn't pass on personal information not already in the hands of other rescues, for example, we would disclose the name and address (as the rescue would already have this) but no other personal information, just findings from the homechecker as reported on their form to you. If you agree to this, we will request a copy of the completed homecheck form from you and / or the homechecker involved. Please confirm if you consent to us sharing this information with other interested rescues for the purposes as explained above. *
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