Tallgrass Rattery Adoption Questionnaire (Egyptian Spiny Mice)
This form must be filled out TO COMPLETION to be considered for adoption from Tallgrass Rattery (TGR). Completion of form does not guarantee you mice, and TGR reserves the right to revoke adoption privileges for any reason. We want the best for our lovely mice, and they come first. To prevent multiple responses a valid email address is required and will be kept on hand as a secondary method of contact.

Thank you for your interest in adopting from TGR!

Please note: spiny mice are currently VERY RARELY released to the public so wait times may be long.
Email address *
First and Last Name: *
Preferred method of contact (phone #, email, Messenger): *
Are you at least 18 years of age? If not, TGR requires guardian consent of any new pets. *
Do you have experience with small mammals? What species? Do you currently own spiny mice? *
If this is your first time owning spiny mice, what kind of research have you done? If you've owned them before, simply write "N/A". *
What kind of cage will you be keeping the spiny mice in? What bedding? Be as specific as possible. *
What kind of food will they eat? Again, be as specific as possible. *
Do you have a gender/age preference? Select all that apply. *
How did you hear about Tallgrass Rattery? If we were recommended by someone, please select "other" and let us know who. *
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