Xoogler.co - Xooglers & Googlers helping Xoogler Entrepreneurs
We are a group of over 12,000 Xooglers and Googlers who are passionate about helping the Xoogler entrepreneurship community via different avenues such as product feedback, mentorship, programs and seed funding

If you are a Xoogler or Googler please answer a few questions so we can start engaging and adding you to our community.

Please also reach out if you're not a Xoogler or Googler but would like to collaborate or find out more information about our group. Please fill in this form (goo.gl/forms/hKmaSm4CJAIpe4yF3) or contact Chris Fong (linkedin.com/in/cfong).

We have an active Slack group that you will be invited to after registering. Please review our website at Xoogler.co and also our AngelList profile and syndicate at https://angel.co/xooglers.

You can read about our past activities via these summaries:

2021 - https://xoogler.substack.com/p/2021
2017 - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/xoogler-2017-rewind-2018-demo-days-us-europe-asia-christopher-fong/
2016  -  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/xoogler-2016rewind-christopher-fong

News articles on the community:
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