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Congratulations on taking the first step to adopting a Traveling 4 Paws dog!

Please note:

Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.  Please be patient as we are all volunteers.

Our main goal is the successful and permanent placement of each and every dog we rescue into loving forever homes and strive to make the best match for each dog.  

Adoption Fees are as follows:  Up to $500 for a Puppy up to 1 year; up to $450 for an Adult Dog (1-6 Years); up to $350 for Seniors or Special Needs dogs.  

All of our T4P dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped.  Please note that we have strict rules on spaying/neutering puppies.  We spay/neuter PRIOR to adoption-NO EXCEPTIONS!  All puppies will have to series of puppy vaccines prior to going home.  Some may already have their Bordatella (Kennel Cough) vaccine also.  We will provide all medical/vet paperwork upon adoption--ask if you have questions.  ALL dogs will also be microchipped-no exceptions.

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What energy level of dog are you interested in? *
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