EEB Phase 2 Safety Plan
The goal is to create Phase 2 plans reopening plans plans for lab, fieldwork and travel safety that lab members are collectively comfortable working under, especially to make sure that those without as much power are not placed in situations with greater risk than they are willing to tolerate. We want to help protect individuals who might not be comfortable with a plan but have limited power to say no (e.g., if an undergrad feels very concerned riding in a car with an advisor to the field, they might be hesitant to say so).

Your group’s Phase 2 plans will be shared with relevant members of the University, including (but not limited to) EEB department leadership, the safety committee, and members of research groups affected by these plans, for comment.

Phase 2 plans MUST be approved by the department before being implemented.

Please email Brian O'Meara ( when you submit one.
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