Add your sex tip!
First of all, thank you that you are helping us and other couples to enjoy sex in many variations!

But now let's be serious. We have a couple of rules:

1) We can reject your add if it is somehow inappropriate.
That means it contains any of these bellows:
a) it ashamed any gender or nationality
b) it contains children or animals
c) it is not based on the mutual consent of all parties involved

2) Personal information
It is all about you how many details you want to provide. For the fact that someone will reveal you as described, we bear absolutely no responsibility.

3) Grammar
We are not going to chech your grammar. Please do all your best to write it without mistakes.

4) Text changes
We reserve the right to change parts of the text to make it more readable or easier to understand.

That is all! Let's do this!
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