Survey on your reading habits 閱讀習慣問卷
Q1 Which class are you in? 你的班別
Q2 Do you have a habit of reading? 你有沒有閱讀的習慣? *
Q3 On average, how much time do you spend on reading (do not include textbooks and homework) every day? 你平均每星期花多少時間閱讀 (教科書及家課不計算在內)? *
Q4 On average, how many books do you read every month (do not include textbooks and homework) ? 你每月大約閱讀多少本書? (教科書及家課不計算在內)? *
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Q5 Do you think it is important to develop a habit of reading? 你認為培養閱讀習慣重要嗎? *
Q6 If you were to give yourself a grade based on how well you read, which would you choose? (A to F) 你對自己閱讀能力的評價 (A級為最高,F級為最低) *
Q7 What (types of) books do you love to read? (Do not choose more than 3) 你喜歡閱讀什麼類型的書籍 (不多於三項) You may add more types (可填寫其他)
Q8 Can you give the name of your favourite books? (Can be an English or Chinese book) 你最喜愛的一本書是哪一本? (中英文皆可) *
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Q9 What makes you love reading? 有什麼因素能夠吸引你閱讀? Can choose more than 1 (可選多於一項) *
Q10 Why do you read? 你閱讀的主要目的是什麼? *
Q11 Do you prefer reading print books or ebooks? 你喜歡閱讀實體書還是電子書? *
Q12 Where is your favourite place to read? (You may choose more than one answer) 你最喜愛在哪裏閱讀? (可選多於一項) *
Q13 What types of books do you suggest the school should buy more? 你認為學校應該多購哪些類型的書籍? *
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