Reese Elementary School Parent/Guardian Survey
Please complete the following survey. Your child will receive a small treat if you return the paper indicating that you have completed the survey. If you select other, please explain in the text box provided. Thank you for your time.
I feel welcome at Reese Elementary School. *
My child(ren) enjoy(s) going to school. *
Our school keeps parents informed about student progress and performance in easy to understand language. *
Teachers at my child's school are dedicated and enthusiastic about my child's education. *
Our school provides help to students who are struggling academically. *
I feel that my child is safe at our school. *
I am satisfied with the way discipline is handled at school. *
Students show respect for one another at our school. *
I believe the level of my child's _________ program is... *
too easy
too difficult
Social Studies
Reese Elementary School uses technology to assist students in their learning.
Technology & Communication (Please check all that apply). *
My child has access to the following technology at home: (Please check all that apply). *
How do you support your child's learning at home? *
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What do you like best about our school? *
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What is one suggestion you would like to offer to improve our school? *
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What training or programs would help you as a parent? *
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Do you have any suggestions about the school calendar? (start and end dates, late starts, etc.)
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