Letter to President Trump on Vaccine Safety
Dear Colleagues,

Please join the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in sending a letter to President Trump to express unequivocal support for the safety of vaccines. While the President has not publicly commented on vaccine safety since his election, his past statements in debates, on social media, and his meetings with anti-vaccine proponents like Andrew Wakefield and Robert Kennedy Jr. are deeply concerning. The President’s transition team indicated the administration may form a committee on autism which was characterized by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity. No matter what it’s called, such an entity would be a forum for propelling debunked myths, discredited information, and undermine the existing federal agencies charged with sustaining the tremendous progress the U.S. has made to save lives through vaccines.

Furthermore, at his confirmation hearing in the Senate Finance Committee, HHS Secretary nominee Rep. Tom Price acknowledged that he does not believe vaccines cause Autism Spectrum Disorder but failed to clearly state his support for the recommended vaccine schedule.

Please join the AAP in making your voice heard on vaccines and safety. The letter is open to state and national organizations (not individuals) only. To add your organization, please complete the following form. The deadline to sign on is COB Monday, January 30. Should you have any questions, please contact Pat Johnson at pjohnson@aap.org.

The letter is available here:

The attached list of studies demonstrating the safety of vaccines is here:


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