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Thank you for begining the process of applying to be a Boxknight driver! If you're interested in working at a new startup, learning a bunch, and meeting new people, then you've come to the right place! We've created a fun, fast growing, and entrepreneurial work environment, and can't wait for you to join the team.

The BoxKnight Driver Certification is a super easy and simple way of learning all about BoxKnight and what is involved in being an Independent Contractor making deliveries for BoxKnight. The whole thing will take about 20 minutes, and then you’ll be a step closer to working when you want, and how you want!

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Part 1 CERTIFICATION: What is BoxKnight?
Same day, scheduled deliveries

Have you ever ordered something online, only to have it left unattended at your front door, damaged, stolen, or even worse, brought back to some depot 30 minutes away? If so, you’re not alone. Almost 60% of online shoppers miss most to all deliveries made to their homes because they are at work or at school! BoxKnight wants to eliminate the hassle of missed deliveries, and allow online retailers the opportunity to give more delivery options at checkout.

Why work for BoxKnight?

Choose the days and hours you want to work each week. Don’t feel like working one week? No problem! Take as many vacations you would like! Work only when you want.

You’ll be sent an email every Monday with a link to your own customizable schedule for the next Monday-Sunday. Schedule the days and hours in three-hour blocks you want to work. If we need more help, we’ll send you another email, and you’ll be able to grab available hours on the same-day if you want!

Enjoy doing deliveries in your own vehicle on your own terms; listen to podcasts, blast music, grab some snacks for the road! You’ll be picking up packages no heavier than 50lbs and delivering them. Your routes will be predetermined by our Route Optimizing software, so there’s no guesswork involved! There are no other people to pick up and you’ll only be delivering packages from retailers, not restaurants.

All you need is your car, your smartphone, our downloadable application (which you’ll learn more about later), and a good attitude!

Your pay = (# of hours you worked the week before * hourly rate) + (# of kilometres traveled * $0.30)

Every Monday, you’ll get paid for the hours and kilometres you spent making deliveries the previous Monday-Sunday. Your pay will be sent to you via Direct Deposit, and you’ll get an email confirmation to which is attached your invoice. Remember to keep these invoices for your files!

The kilometres traveled while making deliveries are calculated from the moment you leave the BoxKnight depot to the completion of your last delivery.

If ever you have questions while making your schedule or making deliveries, you can always call or email our 24/7 Support Team! They’ll be able to help you troubleshoot problems, get in touch with customers, and create your schedule. The 24/7 Support Team is in place to support YOU!

How often does a BoxKnight Driver have to make deliveries?
BoxKnight Drivers get paid for:
Part 2 CERTIFICATION: Doing Pickups and Deliveries for BoxKnight
Fast and Friendly

Pickups and deliveries are the core of BoxKnight’s business. We have several depots around the city to ensure that customers are getting the quickest delivery possible. It is a firmly held belief of ours, however, that fast and perfect logistics are the least important part of deliveries. The most important thing about BoxKnight deliveries is creating a friendly and personal customer experience! And that’s where our Independent Contractors in the position of Driver at BoxKnight come in! To create the best possible experience, you’ll be expected to be pleasant upon delivery, troubleshoot problems on the spot to ensure a fulfilled delivery, and be knowledgeable on the subject of BoxKnight and its affiliate retail partners. And remember, you’ll be supported the whole while by the 24/7 Support Team and the App you’ll be using while making deliveries. Let’s go step by step through what a delivery route looks like.

Accomplishing Pickups and Deliveries

Onfleet is the iOS and Android supported Driver Application we use to make delivery routes, contact our customer, and take signatures and pictures as confirmation that the delivery was completed successfully. All our Drivers use it, and love it! Deliveries show up in order, and give directions to your next destination.

You’ll have to download the App before doing deliveries. Here are some quick instructions on how to use the App:

1. Download Onfleet Driver from the App Store on your phone.
2. Use your phone number as your username and create a password to log in.
3. At the top of your screen, click the toggle to view your route and deliveries.
4. Click on the first delivery at the top of the page. This is your first delivery of the evening. The delivery at the top of your screen is always your next destination.
5. When you’re ready to start driving, click “Hold to Start” at the bottom of your screen.
6. Click the map or arrow button on your screen to get directions to your destination.
7. Once you have arrived at your destination, go back to the Onfleet screen.
8. Click “Tap to End” at the bottom of your screen.
9. If a customer is home to receive their package, click “Get Signature”, and ask the customer to sign on the screen.
10. If the customer is not home to receive their delivery, check the notes. The notes will tell you wether you must collect a signature to complete the delivery, or wether you can leave the package at their front door. If a signature is not required, click “Take Picture”. Take a picture of the package at the front door that includes the location’s address. If there is somewhere near the front entrance where you can hide the package, do so. In the picture, include a portion of the package sticking out of the hiding spot you have chosen. This way, the customer will know where to look for their delivery once they arrive home.
11. Add a note. If the customer was not home at the time of a delivery, you might write something like “No answer after I rang the doorbell. No answer when I called. Left package behind potted plant to the left of front door.”
12. Click “Done”.
13. Start again with the next delivery at the top of your screen!

Onfleet will open either Google Maps or Apple Maps to provide you with directions. To choose the Map App you would prefer Onfleet use, go to Settings.

Onfleet is a great tool that allows us to update delivery details, optimize routes, take proof of delivery and keep track of kilometers driven!

The first task to accomplish at the beginning of your route/confirmed hours is the pickup of your deliveries from a BoxKnight depot.
- Arrive at the BoxKnight depot 30 minutes before your chosen 3-hour block (or blocks if you are doing several in a row.)
- To know which depot you should be going to, open Onfleet. The location of the depot will be the first task. At the top of your screen, click the toggle to view your route and deliveries. Click on the first task (the one at the top of the list).
- Click the map at the top of the screen, and chose “Start Task and Navigate”. A Maps App will open, showing you the best route to arrive at the depot from your current location.
- Check the Notes on the pickup task for information on where to park or where to pickup.
- Arrive at pickup location and let the BoxKnight attendant working there know that you have arrived. The BoxKnight attendant will show you the packages that need to be loaded into your car. These packages will be numbered. Put the large numbered boxes in your car first, so that your first delivery upon leaving the depot is easily accessible.
- Make sure the number of items you pick up matches the number of items shown in-app.
- Once all the packages are in your vehicle, open Onfleet again. It’s time to start making deliveries!

- Go back to the task list on Onfleet at the beginning of every new delivery and click on the first task (the one at the top of the list).
- Click the map at the top of the screen, and chose “Start Task and Navigate”. A Maps App will open, showing you the best route to arrive at the delivery from your current location.
- Follow Map to the destination.
- Customers will receive a text message alert when you are on your way. They will be able to communicate with you via text message or phone call if they wish. DO NOT text and drive. Pull over to answer any questions they may have about their delivery if via text, or use Bluetooth to answer phone calls while making deliveries.
- Once you have arrived at the destination, ring or knock on the front door.
- Call the customer using the Phone Icon on the Onfleet task if they are not answering the door.
- Check the Notes section on the task for any special delivery instructions, door codes, other phone numbers, or any other information that will help you deliver the package to the customer.
- Double check to make sure you are at the correct address and that you are delivering the correct packages.

The best outcome at every delivery is that you hand the customer their online purchase and collect their signature. However, this is not always the case.
- Some deliveries will require a signature. This will be clearly marked in the Notes section of the delivery task on Onfleet. If this is the case, the package must be handed to someone living at the delivery address and their signature must be collected. To collect a signature, tap “Complete Task” at the bottom of the screen, and then “Collect Signature”. Capture the person’s signature right on the phone. Click “Done”.
- If a delivery requires a signature, but you are unable to get the recipient’s signature, tap “Complete Task”, and then select “Delivery Failure”. Onfleet will prompt you to provide a reason for which the delivery cannot be completed. Write the reasons why you could not get a signature, for example, “Signature required, no one home. Tried ringing and calling, but no answer.” Click “Done” to end the task, and call BoxKnight 24/7 Support to let them know. They will create a return task at the end of your shift to bring back the package to the depot. They will also try reaching out to the customer to reschedule the delivery. If they reach the customer, they might add a new task to your route that is a second delivery attempt.
- Some deliveries will not require a signature. This will also be clearly marked in the Notes section of the delivery task on Onfleet. In this case, you must still ring the doorbell or knock on the customer’s front door and attempt to collect a signature. Call the customer if they are not answering the door, and check the Notes section to see if there are any special delivery instructions. If you cannot collect a signature, place the package near the front door, somewhere safe, and if possible, hidden from the street. The Notes section might include a location to leave the package if there is no answer at the door. If these instructions exist, follow them. Finally, take a picture of the package that, if possible, includes the address by tapping “Complete Task” and then “Take Picture”. Tap “Use Picture” and then “Done” to end the delivery task.

There are three very important things to remember about troubleshooting delivery problems:
1. Check the Notes section of the delivery task. If you’re having trouble entering a building, finding a good place to leave a package, or reaching the customer, check the Notes section. You might be able to find building codes, delivery instructions, or other phone numbers in this section.
2. Call the customer. When you try ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door and there is no answer, call the customer. Maybe the doorbell doesn’t work properly and they will come greet you! Maybe they aren’t home, but would like you to leave the package hidden somewhere specific! If you reach their voicemail, tell them your name, that you work from BoxKnight, and the name of the retail the package(s) are from.
3. Call BoxKnight 24/7 Support. The Support Team will be able to provide you with instructions on how to proceed in tricky situations.

What do you do if you arrive at your delivery destination, and the customer is not home and the delivery requires a signature?
What do you do if you arrive at a customer’s apartment building, but don’t know what their apartment number is?
What do you do if you arrive at the delivery destination and it is an office building, and it is closed?
What do you do if you arrive at your delivery destination, and the customer is not home and the delivery does not require a signature?
Part 3 CERTIFICATION: Making your BoxKnight Driver Schedule
Plan your week out in advance

Every Wednesday evening, our drivers receive via email the BoxKnight Scheduler for the following Sunday to Saturday. This friendly to use Scheduler will allow you to immediately schedule shifts 3 or 4 hours in length starting at 10am, 1pm, or 6pm. This way, you can plan your week in advance and secure driving hours that work for you!

How it works

1. Check your inbox on Wednesday nights for an email from BoxKnight titled “Weekly Scheduler”.
2. Open the email and click on the link.
3. This link will bring you to a Google Sheets titled “Weekly Scheduler”. In the Google Sheets, find the section marked with your name.
4. At the top of the Weekly Schedule, check out the hours and shifts that are still available. These will appear in green.
5. In the section marked with your name, simple put a 3 (for a shift that is 3 hours long) or 4 (for a shift that is 4 hours long) wherever you would like that still has available hours up for grabs.
6. The shifts and hours are first come first serve!
7. The 3 or 4 hour shifts do not include the 30 minutes in advance that you must arrive at the BoxKnight depot. For example, if you chose to work a 3 hour shifts with deliveries starting at 1pm, you must arrive at the BoxKnight depot at 12:30pm to have the deliveries loaded into your car. You will get paid for 3.5 hours of work. More on this in section 5 of the Certification!

Keep checking the schedule throughout the following week! More hours might be added if there are more deliveries to be done! This is a great way to supplement your work and even catch new shifts same-day!

Cancelling confirmed hours

If you can’t make confirmed hours, be sure to delete them in the Scheduler by simply erasing the 3 and 4, and sending us an email at to let us know.

If you are providing more than 12 hours notice, there are no penalties for canceling! We completely understand that things come up and plans change! If you cancel a shift within 12 hours of it, this will impact your partnership with BoxKnight. If you do not provide us with notice and do not arrive at your confirmed shift, this will also impact your partnership with BoxKnight.

To avoid impacting your partnership with BoxKnight, you should cancel a shift:
Drivers will receive the Scheduler for the following week on:
Part 4 CERTIFICATION: Getting Paid
How you get paid

You will get paid every Friday for the deliveries you made the previous week. Your payment will get sent to you via Direct Deposit. Once your application as an Independent Contractor working in the position of Driver at BoxKnight is processed and you pass a Background Check and Driver Abstract, you will be asked to submit a copy of a void cheque.

How much you get paid

Your pay = (# of hours you worked the week before * $15) + (# of kilometres traveled * $0.30)

You will get paid for all the work hours you have chosen and that have been approved by BoxKnight. Since you must arrive at the BoxKnight depot 30 minutes before your chosen hours, you will also get paid for this 30 minutes. Since delivery routes are optimized in advance, once you chose which available hours you want to work, we can guarantee that there will be no idle time during those hours. Information concerning your hourly rate can be found in your Independent Contractor Agreement.

You will be paid a distance rate of $0.30 for every kilometre traveled between the first pickup and last delivery. Onfleet tracks the total kilometres you traveled based on Google Maps. Since routes are optimized in advance, we also know approximately how many kilometres you should be traveling every time you work. If we notice large discrepancies between your actual kilometres traveled and the estimated number of kilometres you were so supposed to travel, we might have to contact you for more information.

As an Independent Contractor, taxes WILL NOT be deducted from your weekly pay instalments.

If you work 12 hours (4 separate 3-hour shifts) and travel 80km in one week while making deliveries for BoxKnight, how much will you get paid?
If you work 9 hours (1 3-hour shifts and 1 6-hour shift) and travel 90km in one week while making deliveries for BoxKnight, how much will you get paid?
How does a BoxKnight Driver get paid?
Part 5 CERTIFICATION: Tips, Tricks, Dos & Don’ts
Tips & Tricks

All new Independent Contractors working in the position of Driver must have the following items in their possession while making deliveries:
- A car sign that says “BoxKnight Deliveries”
- A phone stand and charger for your car
The car sign can be attached to any window in your car and must be visible to the outside at all time while making deliveries. This will allow you to park in spots designated as “Delivery Zones” without being towed. Please remove the car sign once you are finished doing deliveries. You must also have a phone stand and charger to ensure you can properly follow directions to your destination and keep your phone charged at all times, since this is your most important tool as a driver.

Stuck in a jam? Problem with a customer? Call the 24/7 BoxKnight Support Team:
Examples of when to call BoxKnight Support:
- The customer is not home and not answering their phone, and the delivery requires a signature.
- Your car breaks down during a delivery route.
- You are missing a package for a delivery that is supposed to be on your route.
- Any and all questions concerning a delivery.

All cars are equipped with a sign in the back window that says “BoxKnight Deliveries.” Please read parking signs and do not park illegally. BoxKnight is not liable to pay any parking or driving infraction tickets. Remember to lock your doors and close your windows while out of your car making deliveries.

- Pack snacks and drinks for the road!
- Take a signature whenever possible.
- Keep your car clean and in good working conditions.
- If you need to take a picture of the box as confirmation, make sure to include the box and address in the picture.
- Smile and have fun!
- Pet dogs and cats!
- Call the 24/7 Support Team if you have any questions.
- Be polite.
- Accept tips that have been offered to you.
- Stay safe. All our drivers are constantly being tracked by the Support Team, but if you ever feel uncomfortable while making a delivery, talking to a customer, or driving, remove yourself from the situation immediately.
- Charge your phone between deliveries.

- Smoke in your car while making deliveries.
- Give Uber rides/make Foodora deliveries/etc. while making deliveries for BoxKnight.
- Transport other passengers in your car while making deliveries for BoxKnight.
- Answer texts from customers while driving. Pull over to text them instead. Or call them using hands-free/Bluetooth.
- Ask for a tip.

When can a BoxKnight Driver have other passengers in the car with them while making deliveries?
In what context can a BoxKnight Driver accept a tip from a customer?
What items must a BoxKnight Driver always have with them while making deliveries?
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