Colin Oliver Tertiary Music Scholarship

The Wyatt Trust is seeking applications for the 2020 Colin Oliver Tertiary Music Scholarship. This scholarship is for students planning to apply to study at The Elder Conservatorium of Music in 2020.

This is an initial application stage. For applicants who are shortlisted further information will be required.

The Colin Oliver Music Scholarships are up to $7500 per annum, paid once, in the students’ first year of enrolment. Payment will be made upon confirmation of acceptance into the Elder Conservatorium of Music.

Applications due Friday January 24 2020.
Instructions to apply
This application form does not save until it has been submitted. There are some questions that require responses in order to navigate through to submit your application.

Once you submit, please copy and paste the URL in a safe place. This can be used to re-open the application for further detail. Final detail is required by the submission deadline.

Wyatt cannot return incomplete application forms. In order to edit your application form after submission you must have the URL link.

If you are having technical issues with this application form, please contact Wyatt on (08) 8224 0074.
Applicants for Wyatt scholarships must be South Australian residents who:
• have lived in South Australia for a minimum of 5 years
• are on low-incomes, or reside in low income households
• are applying for entry into, or commencing, their first year of study of a Bachelor degree at The Elder Conservatorium of Music

Wyatt scholarships are means tested, Wyatt will assess eligibility for its scholarships on total family income. Therefore, applicants need to be able to provide details of their own/ their partner’s/their family’s income if shortlisted.

The scholarships will be awarded for the first year of study at The Elder Conservatorium of Music in a Bachelor course studied full time.

Scholarship holders must remain enrolled full time in the course for which the scholarship is given. It is essential that scholarship holders notify Wyatt of any changes to their enrolment. Successful applicants will forfeit their scholarship if they defer, withdraw, or are precluded from study, except where there are extenuating circumstances accepted by Wyatt.

The Colin Oliver Music Scholarships will be awarded on demonstrated financial need and enrolment in a Bachelor course at The Elder Conservatorium of Music.

For further information contact Jo Edwards, Grants Manager, on 8224 0074.

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