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Sport volunteers play a central role in the physical activity sector across the globe. Without them, most activity simply wouldn’t happen. The SCULT Awards is a set of four awards to celebrate the best and most active sport volunteers, brands, organisations, sponsors and supporters globally.

– SCULT Awards 2019 CATEGORIES –

1. SCULT World Sport Volunteer 2019
Awarded to the most outstanding sport volunteer in the world. The winner can only be an individual; gender-neutral; no age limit.

2. SCULT World Sport Organiser 2019
Awarded to the best sport event organiser in the world. The winner can be an individual or an organisation.

3. SCULT World Sport Friend 2019
Awarded to the most outstanding sports supporter, sponsor or patron in the world. The winner can be an individual, a brand, or an organisation.

4. SCULT Crazy Award 2019
Awarded to the craziest / funniest sport related achievement or performance of the year in the world. The winner can be an individual, a team, a brand, or an organisation.


• Nomination for SCULT Awards is open until November 4th 2019 (23:59 GMT).
• Nominations are welcome both from organisations and individuals.
• The winners will be selected by an international sport expert panel by summing up individual expert scores.
• Winners are awarded a hand-made SCULT Award metal trophy, designed by Jaakko Matsalu.
• Three nominees in each category receive a framed recognition letter for their contribution to sports and society.

Get to know the winners of SCULT Awards 2018:

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