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At PLUGin, we are undertaking multiple initiatives to transform tech & innovation Polish communities around the globe. If you are eager to support those projects, now is the right time to join us!

If you have dropped here because you're looking for an opportunity to extend your network you are more than welcome to join the Polish Innovation Diaspora. All you need to do is joining our group on Facebook, dedicated to everyone working in tech & innovation industry worldwide who feels connected to Poland:

If - in addition to that - you wish to become a part of our team and become a PLUGin volunteer, please start from filling this questionnaire. It will help us understand where you would fit best before we get in touch with you personally to discuss how to channel your positive energy and voluntary spirit.

Currently, we are looking for new team members across multiple projects and functions in our organization, here you can find roles description:

1. E-migracja report

2. Member of Active chapters: London, San Francisco, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Gdansk, Paris, Oslo, Singapore, Mediolan, Brussels

3. Head/Member of Planned chapters: you can choose your location or take into consideration one of these: Dublin, Tel Aviv, NYC, Hong Kong, Berlin, Dubai

4. Business Development / Sponsorship

5. Content Writer

6. PMO

7. Tech Specialist

8. Finance & Legal - team members

9. People and Culture (HR)

10. Charity (integration) event - team and leader

11. Pitch to - Startups & Investors

12. API Awards 2021 - team

13. Think Global

14. Other | Your idea for a new project
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