MCSP Caring for Neighbors Survey 2023
The work of the June 2022 MCSP Synod brought forth the Moravian Advocacy & Justice Action Team (AJAT), which formed under the Commission on Congregational Development (CCD). As this team begins its work, we are interested in knowing about how congregations across the MCSP are serving our towns, caring for our communities, and working alongside our neighbors to improve our communities. 

During the winter of 2023, the AJAT is surveying clergy and congregational leaders about the various ministries and local missions the congregations are currently involved in or were involved in prior to Covid. We want to know how your congregation (the one you serve or attend) cares for those around you in your city/county/state. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY BY MARCH 1, 2023. 

This ministry might be called Local Missions, Community Care, or Loving Our Neighbors. It may show up in ways large and small ---- no involvement is too minor! It could be a project of the whole congregation, women's circle or men's group, youth group, or a Sunday school class. It may include providing funds, volunteering, taking physical donations to somewhere, or any other ways you are connecting with your neighbors to provide care and filling needs. We are thinking about care of our neighbors very broadly and invite you to do the same!

We will use this information to shape our upcoming AJAT Event on May 6 in the Winston-Salem area (location TBD, likely 9am-3pm). This event called "Bridges to Community: Listening to, Serving, and Loving Our Neighbors" is a chance for our congregations to celebrate all that we are doing for our neighbors. We will hear from one another about what is happening in our communities and how the Holy Spirit is moving in our midst reiterating our command to "love our neighbors as ourselves!" This event will provide ideas for ways to be involved, build momentum for mission and ministry, and connect congregations and leaders who share interests.  In order to make it successful, we want to invite you and your congregations to this event, so these survey answers will be invaluable to our planning to make the day more helpful for you. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please note: Answers won't be shared publicly, but are only for the planning team's work. If you have any questions, please contact AJAT coordinator The Rev. Suzanne Parker Miller at or 919-915-7861.
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Cathryn Morse
Member of Community Engagement Team
How is your congregation (or groups in the congregation) involved in caring for your neighbors and community? Check all that apply. 
If your involvement stopped because of Covid, choose the second column box.
If a group has interest, but hasn't started yet, choose the third column box.

NOTE: These are broad suggestions, so if it doesn't quite fit but is close, choose it. You'll have space to add comments at the end to specify or clarify if you want. If something is not listed, add it in the comments! Categories are listed in alphabetical order.
Currently Participate (~During 2022)
Prior to Covid (March 2020) but have not started back yet
Congregational Interest (but not yet involved)
Creation Care [Recycling in the congregation; Solar/Wind/Geothermal Usage; Composting at the church; Planting trees, etc]
Disability [Advocate for Access & Inclusion; Advocate for Mental Health or Physical access, Host support group (AA/NA), etc]
Domestic Abuse [Shelter Volunteers; Shelter Donations, etc]
Education [Volunteering/Tutoring; Donating School Supplies/Clothes; Teacher Appreciation; After school tutoring/childcare; Summer program/childcare; Early Childhood (Preschool involvement/host), etc]
Employment [Advocate for Living wages and job opportunities; Host Job Fair; Support Job Training programs; Thrift Store support, etc]
Food Insecurity [Donating to a Food Bank; Food Bank/Meals on Wheels Volunteers; Community Garden host; Food Pantry at Church; Bread for the World letter writing to Congress, etc.]
Health Care [Access to Care; Doctor Visit transport; Congregational Nursing Program; Host health clinic/vaccine clinic/ blood drives, etc. in building, etc]
Housing [Volunteer with Homeless Shelter; Affordable Housing Advocacy; Habitat for Humanity local volunteer; disaster response construction team; Mission Camp at Laurel Ridge, etc]
LGBTQIA+ [Host Support Group; Inclusion in congregation, etc]
Prison / Jail Ministry support [Providing Bibles; Leading Bible Study; Providing money for Chaplain, etc.]
Comments on Activities checked above or name things not in the list you are participating in:
Name at least 3 people in your congregation that might be interested in the MCSP Bridges To Community Event on May 6, 2023. We ask you to invite them to Save the Date! Please share their email addresses and/or phone with us to follow-up as well and send further details when they become available. 
Questions/Comments? THANK YOU!!!
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