Join The Mether Token (XMTK) Airdrop 1!
Get involved in the Mether Token (XMTK) airdrop and get 400,000 XMTK tokens when you donate a minimum of 0.001ETH to 0x689b2270db3f9e5b4ce118f11c0757351e5c326b

Contract Address: 0x689b2270db3f9e5b4ce118f11c0757351e5c326b
Total supply: 7,000,000,000
Decimal: 18

Pending launch of the exchange platform (Q4 2018), Mether tokens wil be traded on Etherdelta, Forkdelta & KKex.

XMTK Etherdelta:

XMTK Forkdelta:!/trade/0x689b2270db3f9e5b4ce118f11c0757351e5c326b-ETH

XMTK KKex: (Coming Soon)

How To Get Mether Tokens:

Deposit a minimum of 0.001ETH to 0x689b2270db3f9e5b4ce118f11c0757351e5c326b and get 400,000 XMTK instantly.

The more ETH you send, the more Mether tokens you receive!


How To Get Mether Tokens for Free:

15,000 participants will get XMTK tokens for free. To be among the 15,000 persons, follow the instruction below:

1. Follow us on Twitter and retweet the pinned post:
2. Join us on Telegram:

After completing the tasks, you will be credited with 10,000 XMTK and additional 3,000 XMTK when you make referrals.
Simply instruct your referrals to input your Telegram username while filling the form.

NOTE: Multiple/Fake accounts will NOT receive tokens. Be warned!

Your tokens will be credited within 16 days.

Self drop is also available for users

Airdrop 2 Comes up on July 1st by 00:00 GMT

All users will receive 50% of the total amount of Mether Token they have.
If you have 1,000,000 Tokens, you will get additional 500,000 Tokens!

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