Misheberach List / Prayers for Healing Feb 2021
We have developed a new system for keeping track of those for whom we are praying for their healing. Four times a year (around Rosh Hashanah (Sept/Oct), in January (sorry that we're running a little late this time), around Pesah (Mar/Apr), and in July we are going to completely refresh our list-- everyone will be removed, and we will only continue to pray on Shabbat for those who are resubmitted, if they continue to need our prayers. Throughout the year, the best way to add someone to the list is to fill out the form. Rabbi Spitzer and Chris both check the form every week before Shabbat and make sure to prepare a list for our Shabbat prayers that includes all the names submitted.
During the week, when we pray together on Zoom, those who wish to share names when we get to the healing prayer are able to do so. However, now that some people attend only by Livestream for Shabbat, those people are unable to share the names of those for whom they are praying for their healing. We would therefore like to update our list so that the community will be able to pray for all of those individuals on Shabbat. Please update the list by filling out this form for each person for whom you are praying. Thank you!
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Your First Name *
Your Last Name *
Person for whom you are praying's First Name *
Person for whom you are praying's Last Name *
Hebrew name of the person for whom you are praying
If the person has a Hebrew name, and you know it, please share that with us. Traditionally, this name is shared as "Person's Hebrew Name ben/bat/mibeit Person's mother's Hebrew name" (Eg: Eliezer ben Sarah), but it is acceptable to share the person's Hebrew name in whatever format feels right.
Your relationship to the person for whom you are praying.
If you'd like to share. This information will not be given out, but may help Rabbi Spitzer offer pastoral care.
Any other information you'd like to share about the type of healing you're praying for, or the illness with which the person is afflicted:
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