5782 BJC RH/YK Extra-precaution Seating Area Request Form
Extra-precaution seating area: This area is designated for the use of the immunocompromised and others that need or want to take a higher level of precaution.  Both full vaccination* and masks** are required in this area.  Adults and children that are not fully vaccinated and/or are not wearing a mask are not permitted to enter.
*Full vaccination: You have received the full array of vaccine doses and waited the requisite fourteen days.
**Masks: Form fitting, minimum of two-ply, which cover the mouth and nose at all times.
To be seated in this area for the services that you indicated on your main RH/YK seating form, please fill out the following form.
Email *
Please type the name of each person that would like to be seated in the extra-precaution seating area for Rosh Hashanah and/or Yom Kippur 5782.
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