Application must be submitted by May 1.
Eligibility for the David Levy Scholarship Award
1) Applicant must be a current Junior Classical Leagues sponsr and must have been a member of the American Classical League for at least two years, including the current school year.

2) The Scholarship will be granted only when a bona fide study program is proposed. Alternate proposals will be considered, but there must be evidence of structured study or research.

3) Previous winners are eligible to apply again after three years.

4) The award is $1000.00. The Scholarship is awarded biannually, in even numbered years.

Instructions for all applicants
1) Each applicant is required to submit their complete application to the National Junior Classical League office using this form. Deadline to apply: May 1.

2) This scholarship will be awarded May 15 in order to enable the recipient to plan for the summer.

3) A complete application includes the following:

a) this form with all fields completed.
b) one letter of reference. (please give your reference writer this link to the online recommendation google form)


4) If contacted by the NJCL office, the scholarship recipient must agree to submit a photograph to be used in NJCL or ACL publications/websites.

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This should be an email address that you check regularly during the school year and summer.
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School Name
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School Address
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Name of principal, director, or headmaster.
Please include their title (Dr. Mrs. Ms. Miss Mr. etc.)
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Email address of principal, director, or headmaster.
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Professional employment for the past 5 years (include dates)
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Membership and offices in classical organizations
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Statement of applicant's projects or plans
Please answer the question "How will this project increase your mastery of Latin, support you in the craft of teaching, or enhance the student experience in your classroom?"
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Specify dollar amount needed for project or plan
Not to exceed $1000.00
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Name of ONE reference writer (name and email address, position/title)
please give the writer of your reference this google form address. https://tinyurl.com/levyrecommendation
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