#EOFF2018 Participation & Feedback
Was this your first year attending?
How would you rate your overall festival experience?
exactly what I needed
How would you rate the programming that you witnessed?
not into it
engaging & impactful
How would you rate the venues?
just dandy
How many screenings / events did you get to?
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Did you travel from beyond La Grande to be at EOFF?
If you travelled, did you stay at a hotel?
Estimate of dollars spent per day in La Grande during your visit.
Like dining, shopping, fuel & lodging. This helps us determine the impact on our local economy and to better leverage support moving forward.
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How old are you?
How did you hear about us this year?
Let 'er rip!
Use this space to give it all - share a story, ream us for something - just put it out there!
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