Targeted Case Manager Application
We are thrilled that you have decided to apply! Our Targeted Case Managers are 1099 Independent Contractors.

Minimum requirements per state regulation are a Bachelors degree in a human service field and 1 year of post graduate experience (If you have a Masters degree this may replace the experience requirement).
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Have you completed the required 12 hour core training for Targeted Case Managers in Ky? *
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You will be expected to work and complete state required documentation, work with insurance companies, track dates and make reports on a deadline, how comfortable are you with this? *
You will be responsible with talking with local healthcare providers, agencies, school resource centers, and court designated workers to gain referrals in your area, how comfortable are you with this? *
How familiar are you with the local community resources in your community? *
How comfortable are you with talking to other healthcare and educational businesses in your community? *
What would your current or past co-workers say is an area you could improve? *
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