Achieve Your Potential: Women in Islam Conference
Islamic Organization of North America presents it's fifth annual Women in Islam Conference.

Achieve Your Potential

Women make up half of our society, yet we seem to struggle to define our role in it. Are we meant to decorate billboards and be objectified or are we destined for a far greater purpose? Who defines women's rights and our true potential? Over fourteen centuries ago, God sent His last messenger to give His final Guidance to humanity. Join us as we envision our true potential and struggle towards fulfilling it.

Among the esteemed speakers we will have our beloved sisters Nabintou Doumbia, Duha Fahmy and our General secretary Azer Colakovic. We will also have special spoken words performance by Hawa Rahman and Syed Hussain.

Admission to the event is free. Refreshments and babysitting will be provided.

We solicit your attendance. Please register

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