Voices of Survival for Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Project Description
Voices of Survival is an online project led by the Victim Survivor Advisory Committee (VSAC) of Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence (The Alliance) in which survivors may use artwork, poetry, essays or other forms of expression in order to share their stories. Selected pieces will be published on The Alliance’s website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) April 1 – 30, 2018. This year’s theme by the National Sexual Assault Resource Center is “Embrace Your Voice.” Selected pieces may also be reproduced as posters, included in printed materials, read aloud or presented in alternative formats at the discretion of The Alliance and VSAC.

We will be collecting submissions throughout the month of April. If you would like your submission to be published at the beginning of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, please have your piece submitted by April 5th, 2018. All works should be submitted digitally to vsac@endsexualviolencect.org. Text documents can be Microsoft Word files, but PDFs are preferred. Artwork should be scanned or photographed and sent in digitally as email attachments. Do not insert images into your documents. Do not mail in physical artwork. Once submitted, works will be reviewed by The Alliance staff and VSAC members. Please note that not all submissions will be selected for final publication.

Purpose of the Project
Survivors have been telling their stories to friends and loved ones for years. Our collective language, whether it marks triumph over tragedy or simply defines a moment in our path, can give power to those who may not have been able to speak up. Stories and artwork support those who do not ever feel heard, help us recognize the strength within us, and give freedom to the memories that try to hold us down. Telling our stories can help to heal our souls and lighten our load.
Information for Participants
Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence may use the artwork and literary works in future publications or to promote future projects at their discretion. While artists will still retain ownership of their original designs, by participating in this project you give The Alliance and VSAC the right to reproduce and utilize the artwork for non-profit purposes that will promote the community education goals of the project and organization. Should The Alliance or VSAC hope to move forward with reproducing or utilizing said artwork or literary works, The Alliance/VSAC will contact the creator. Please ensure that the attached forms with preferred mode of contact (see attached pages 3-5) are filled out in order to receive a notification concerning the submission; individuals who decide to opt out of providing contact information will not be notified about their content being used in the future.
Privacy Policies
Artists or Authors may include as little or as much information as they wish to share with the public on the entry form. Full names will not be displayed publicly with this project. Artists may identify themselves using a pseudonym, initials or remain anonymous. The contact information provided on the registration form will not be shared with anyone besides members of the VSAC and staff of The Alliance for the purposes of this project. We recommend that you provide a phone number or mailing address where you feel safe receiving information related to this project, in the event that we need to contact you about your submission. You can also opt out of providing contact information.
Participant Support
Whenever possible, we ask that survivors contact their local sexual assault crisis program to receive the support and information they may need. Please contact The Alliance’s free and confidential statewide hotline at 1-888-999-5545 (English) or 1-888-568-8332 (Spanish) to receive support. You can also find detailed information about our services and local member centers on The Alliance website at EndSexualViolenceCT.org.
Victim Survivor Advisory Committee
This all-volunteer group has been in existence since 1995. The Victim Survivor Advocacy Council (VSAC) is made up of members who identify themselves as a victim/survivor of sexual abuse, or as the parent or partner of a victim/survivor of sexual abuse. While not everyone identifies publicly as a victim/survivor, every member is able to contribute to the committee in his or her own way. Though we are not a support group, we are considered to be agents of change.

The Alliance represents victims/survivors on key policy and community issues. VSAC was created in order to provide an ongoing dialogue between victim/survivors and The Alliance on a multitude of topics. VSAC members work to end sexual violence by:
• reviewing materials created by The Alliance to ensure it is victim/survivor-centered;
• giving feedback to The Alliance about its proposed plans for services;
• reviewing public service announcements for television and radio;
• giving television and newspaper interviews;
• speaking to community groups including schools and prisons;
• testifying at public hearings at the legislature;
• and writing letters to the editor for newspapers and magazines

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