GatorMUN XVI Returning Member Staff Application
Thank you for your interest in staffing GatorMUN! Please fill out the following form to be considered for a position in any of our amazing committees.

If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact your GatorMUN Chief of Staff, Aanchel Shah, via text at (321) 663-0599 or email at If you have questions regarding any of the committees, we highly encourage you to reach out to any of our wonderful directors for more information.
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Staffing Duties
This is a general overview of the roles and responsibilities of each position:

General Assembly Staff:
- Serve as an Assistant Director at the Dais (in rotation with other ADs).
- Help with editing working papers, resolutions, etc.
- Assist in grading delegate position papers.

Specialized Committee Staff:
- Editing position papers, as needed.
- Help with crisis updates, as needed.
- Edit working papers and resolutions, as needed.
*Reach out to the specific Committee Director you are interested in working under for any specific questions*

Crisis Chair:
- Moderate the committee utilizing Parliamentary Procedure. You will primarily be alone in the room so this is generally a position that requires more experience.
- Work with the delegates in the room as the Dais.
- Communicate with Crisis Staff, CC, and Committee Director about any room updates, as well their own crisis updates.

Crisis Staff:
- Respond to crisis notes for crisis committees.
- Work under Crisis Director and CC to develop crisis updates for the committees.

Operations Staff:
- Help with logistics at conference.
- Sell merchandise such as conference t-shirts.
- Deliver items to conference rooms, as needed.
Please rank your staffing preferences. *
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Fifth Choice
General Assembly Staff
Specialized Committee Staff
Crisis Chair
Crisis Staff
Operations Staff
Crisis Committee Preferences *
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
Sixth Choice
Seventh Choice
Eighth Choice
59th Cabinet of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Jayson Faulds
Death of Stalin: Presidium of the Soviet Union, 1953 - Matt Bizer
Establishment of the First African Republic - Andrew Gutke
Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) - Miranda Ferguson
The Court of King Kamehameha I - James Bell
The Subspace Defense Council (Super Smash Bros) - Himani Gubbi
Ad Hoc (American Revolution) - Lindsey Mosley
Executive Yuan of Taiwan, 2019 - Charles Sherwood
Specialized Committee Preferences *
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
Sixth Choice
Seventh Choice
Eigth Choice
7th Summit of the Americas - Austin Koenig
Future of Independent Quebec, 2023 - Zola Hoehn
Der Zwölfte Deutsche Bundestag - Devin Ritter
Governance of the Panama Canal Zone - Marina Fortun
GA Plenary: Special Session 2040 - Sloan Stephens
Revolution Under Siege: Verkhovna Rada 2014 - Christopher Menendez
Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia - Tori Asgard
Press Corps - Grace King
General Assembly Committee Preferences *
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
Sixth Choice
Seventh Choice
Eighth Choice
Ninth Choice
Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee - Brittany McGivern
United Nations Environmental Programme - Renee Hancock
United Nations Development Programme - Linnea Dulikravich
International Labour Organization - Sarah Carroll
Legal Committee - Marco Guzman
Economic and Social Council - Thu Kim
United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space - Kevin Beguiristain
World Trade Organization - Blake Repp
Alliance of Small Island States - Fotini Sisois
Do you have experience with video editing software? *
Do you speak any foreign languages? If so, what language(s) and to what proficiency?
Do you have any other skills that might be applicable?
If you have any strong preferences for any of the committees listed above, please elaborate further.
Do you have any close friends or family members that could possibly be attending GatorMUN XVI as delegates? If so, what is your relation to them and what high school do they attend?
Any additional comments?
By submitting this application, I understand that I am entering into a contract with GatorMUN XVI and UF Model UN. I also agree to all rules and terms set forth by the Secretariat which include that all writing submitted to the Secretariat, which includes but is not limited to background guides, crisis ideas, etc. will herefore become property of GatorMUN. *
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