Valentine's Day--Take Action to Show Our Students Love
This Valentine's Day, the Durham Association of Educators is asking educators and parents to take action in support of our students in these tumultuous times. Our students and parents, like so many others, are experiencing heightened fear and stress as the new political moment evolves around them. We believe that the adults in our schools have a responsibility to act.

Here’s what we’re asking you to do:
1. Share this information with other educators/parents at your school to create an action team. If there are student groups whose missions overlap, please share with them as well. If you would like to participate, please sign this form and we will work to help connect you with other people in your school community that want to help lead the effort.
2. Contact your school’s administration and set up a time/place that will be visible without disrupting the early morning routine of the school.
3. Share the plan and location with the whole school/parent community and ask for commitments to participate.
4. Write songs/chants, make signs, or create other visual symbols that affirm the lives of our students, as part of a specific group or in general. Examples might be:
• We <3 ALL of Our Students
• Black Lives Matter Here
• Refugee and Immigrant Students are Always Welcome
• Muslims are Not a Threat
• LGBTQ Safe Zone—Be Yourselves!!!
• Your Body is Yours—It Will be Respected Here
• No Bullies Allowed
5. Take pictures, post them to Facebook and other social media (especially at the Durham Association of Educators group page) with the hashtag #weloveourstudents
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