Associate Content Producer Application (StoneMountain64)
Have experience with uploading and optimizing Facebook/Youtube/Instagram/TikTok content? Like working on the back-end of everything that goes into content creation? Feel like you have a good understanding of how Facebook/Youtube/Instagram/TikTok content gets distributed and viewed? Interested in working with me 3-8 hours a week as a part time gig? With room to grow!

If you answered yes to all these, then take your time and read over everything here, and then fill out the form below!

Our goal is to find someone with experience who can help manage my content during my off hours. Weekends are currently the main focus but could lead to working in the evenings (6-9 PST). You are here to help fill in when my content manager is not working. This will be a contractor position, not a full time or part time employee.

We are happy to work with you and give guidance and advice and get you up to speed on areas you may not be as familiar with, but we also don't want to teach someone from scratch everything that needs to be done. I want you to have a value add or skill that you can bring to the table.
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Estimated 3-8 hours of work per weekend (PST Time zone). There is potential for more hours if you are the right fit. You would be working alongside my Content Manager/Stream Assistant. Ideally we would like someone who is looking for a fun project to apply some of their unique skills to in efforts to become a bigger part of my program as well as build their own resume and personal expertise in social media.

You will be working with our social platforms, content manager, and editors to help coordinate and schedule content as well as optimize that content on each platform:

Each weekend you will be required to post 3 post a day on all platforms. This content has been created by my editors but there is also room to work your creative freedom and produce/find content to highlight.

- Youtube would involve
- Uploading content
- optimizing description, tags, cards
- Facebook
- uploading content
- optimizing caption/tags, adding subtitles, sound
- Instagram
- uploading content
- optimizing caption/tags, adding subtitles, sound
- TikTok
- uploading content
- optimizing caption/tags, adding subtitles, sound

- Understanding and interest in social media content within gaming entertainment
- Familiar with Discord to communicate with myself and a team
- Experience in a Social Media role, including posting daily
- Understanding of each major social media platform (Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram)
- Know how to post and schedule on each platform
- Proficiency in collaborating with other teams
- A strong pulse on what's trending on social and content creation
Bonus Skills
- Capable of editing shorts, tiktoks, and reels via editing software
- Photoshop Skills
- Creator of Memes
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Over 18?
You must be 18 or older for this position. This is for legal and compliance reasons, and I will need your information for tax purposes and I will report payments through a 1099 form.
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Discord name
Include name + number (ex: John#0001). Please be sure you are in my server so we can chat: This will be how are team communicates with each other.
Experience with posting
What experience do you have? (Please be concise & bullet point where possible)
How do you use social media?
Having an understanding of different platforms is important in terms of what is most successful on each. I wanted to get an idea of how you use social media and what platforms you use.
Do you have content? (link it)
Estimated hourly rate?
This will depend on experience but I want to get an idea of expectations to make sure we can get on the same page.
Are you available to work weekends between the times of 11AM PT - 6PM PT?
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Any additional notes?
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