2017 Mid-Atlantic Regionals Individual Entry Form
Checks Payable / Mail to: Mid Atlantic Regionals 5788 Bucks Run Trail New Market, Maryland 21774. Online payments through paypal ARE accepted. Please send to wheatondtteams@aol.com (3% Pay Pal fee is contestant responsibility).

Contest will be held at PNC Sports Complex Mount Saint Mary's University

Entry Deadline for submission is: March 10, 2017.

NBTA International AA Sanctioned Class Region 3 #2213 | Open Sanction #2314

Directors - Ann Kennedy and Juli Duda | Hosted by Wheaton Dance / Twirl Teams

Order of Appearance
- All Regional Events, Advanced Miss Majorette and Beginner & Intermediate Pageant Twirling will begin with letter "N" (last name). Pageant Model will begin with "Y". Pageant Strut will begin with "G".
- All other events will be selected randomly by the computer.
- Any updated division change status must be made as SOON as the advancement takes place.

Additional Features
- Mid-Atlantic Regional Strut Finals - Top 3 in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Regional Contestants will draw for position and compete in Finals on Sunday afternoon.
- Mid-Atlantic Solo Finals - Top 3 for Beginner, Intermediate, and Top 8 Advanced Regional Twirl contestants will draw for position and compete in Finals on Sunday afternoon.

Awards Ceremony will take place at the conclusion of Sunday Regional Finals.
Open awards will be posted.

Regional Events are open to residents of the Mid-Atlantic Region Only (Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia).

Regional Collegiate Twirl: Time Limit 2:20 - 2:30 to college band music provided by contestant on CD. Music should be fast paced using college fight songs and/or powerful theme music. One baton and multiple batons may be used; no fire or novelty equipment permitted. (For further guidelines see NBTA rules).

Open Events are open to Mid-Atlantic Contestants as well as contestants residing OUTSIDE the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Double Entering is permitted ONLY in OPEN EVENTS.

Visitors Events are eligible ONLY to contestants residing OUTSIDE of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Basic Skills Open Competition: This program is open to Novice contestants only. Twirl status determines eligibility. 20% modeling (circle T pattern without interview), 40% basic strut, 40% twirl. This event does not establish eligibility for any AYOP event. (Attire per NBTA rules).

Mid-Atlantic Miss Majorette: First, second & third place Advanced 'Royalty' winners in the Tiny Tot, Juvenile, Preteen, Junior, and Teenage divisions are eligible to enter respective Official Miss Majorette of America Pageant. ONLY first place Beginner and Intermediate Pageant winners are eligible to enter official Beginner and Intermediate Pageants at Notre Dame University, July 2017.

Mid-Atlantic Modeling: Costume or pageant attire. NO INTERVIEW. Modeling time limit: 1:00 max.

Pageant Modeling: Attire per NBTA rules. Modeling time limit: 1:00 max.

There will be NO refunds.
Smoking is NOT permitted.
All 2017 NBTA Solo and Team rules are in effect.
Tank Tops / T-Shirts / Shorts must be pre-purchased.
It is the responsibility of contestants, coaches, and parents to make certain that Mid-Atlantic Directors are made aware of any changes to a contestants status level that occur after the official Mid-Atlantic entry deadline.
Family Plan - A family with more than 1 sibling competing may pay 1/2 of entry of lesser amount. Duets are NOT included.
Directors assume no liability for lost/stolen articles nor any type of injury at or incidental to contest.
Tennis shoes only allowed on gymnasium floor.
Contest floor reserved for contestants and officials only.
Food concession available.
Video taping allowed ONLY of own children or student.
Awards for Open & Visitors Events will be posted.
It is responsibility of contestant, parent, and coach to make certain that all statements concerning residences, age, and status are factual and to take appropriate steps to assure that entry is accurate on day of events. Knowledge of rules is direct responsibility of individual contestants and coach.

For further information or clarification regarding general contest information please call: Juli Duda (240) 422-6789 or Ann Kennedy (410) 984-7747.

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