20/20K Vision
A community with the intention of creating financial strength by growing together. Our name is comprised of our mission. We are a professional community of humility, integrity and transparency.

Please take your time, read all questions thoroughly and answer each question accurately and completely. Answering any question in part or inaccurately will cause rejection and prevent immediate board placement.
Have you attended one of our online information (Zoom) presentations before completing this form? *
Do you understand by participating in this program, any money you send is not an investment or a purchase but a ONE-WAY gift to another individual with no refund? *
Do you agree that your decision to join the community was by invitation but without pressure or persuasion and that you were not solicited, recruited or offered anything of value to join? *
What is your FULL First and Last Name. *
The information provided here will be used to represent your board position. If you are NOT on Telegram, please STOP here and join first. BE SURE TO VERIFY... THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE HERE CANNOT BE CHANGED LATER. What is your Telegram Username?* *
What is YOUR Email address? *
What is YOUR mobile Phone Number? *
What is the FIRST AND LAST name of the person who invited you to the Zoom? If unsure of the spelling, please verify. *
What is the Telegram Username of the person who invited you? If unsure please verify. *
Please review your responses carefully. If you have any questions regarding this form please ask the person who invited you. Do you understand that any inaccurate or incomplete responses will cause you to be SKIPPED and therefore not placed on a board? *
Do you understand that you are not required to place anyone on a board but highly encouraged to continually INVITE good, quality, mature people above the age of 21 to our Zoom presentation? *
Do you understand that YOU are responsible for consulting with YOUR Tax Professional for tax filings, liabilities and advice? *
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