Mosh Pit Mondays: So You Think You Can Date?
Mosh Pit Mondays was founded on the premise that making friends in the city is hard. With cuffing season around the corner, we recognize that finding and trapping a significant other is also challenging. Please complete the anonymous survey below to help us understand your perspectives on dating. We hope to analyze important trends and themes to inform the topics of discussion at our So You Think You Can Date event.

*Please note that your responses, if deemed worthy, may be used as anonymous quotes to be featured at our event*
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How would you describe yourself in three words?
Current relationship status:
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Desired relationship status:
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1. Tell us about your "best ask" (i.e., when you were impressed by how someone asked you out OR you impressed yourself by how you asked someone else).
2. Tell us about your worst first date.
3. What keeps you from initiating a date or saying yes to a date?
4. Hot take: In your opinion, who should initiate the date?
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5. What are you looking for in a relationship? Answer with three words.
6. How would you prefer to meet someone of romantic interest?
7. For the askers: How long do you wait between first sighting/meeting and initiating first date?
8. Would you go on a second date after a bad first date?
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9. Would you set up a friend with someone you already went on a date with?
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10. What are your thoughts on getting coffee as a first date?
Is there anything else you'd like to share on the topic of dating? (e.g., lessons learned, successful strategies)
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