The Brockwood 50th Anniversary Alumni Questionnaire
For many years the Brockwood Observer has devoted a column to the stories of alumni, entitled ‘Whatever happened to…?’ In anticipation of the 50th Anniversary, we would like now to take that a step further and compile the largest snapshot of Brockwood alumni to date.

Why is this so important to us? Because we are constantly asked, what becomes of students once they leave Brockwood and we are just as curious to know the answer to this as anyone else.

For this purpose, we have created an online questionnaire through which we hope to gather as much information as you feel comfortable sharing. You can take 5 minutes, or 50 minutes (plus), with your response. Your words and personal photo will be arranged in an attractive format online and attached to the School website and made public; some responses will also go into print.

Have a look at the two examples below, and then press on and fill out the form to follow.

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