Private OKC Metro Resistance Request Form
After completing this form you should add Jubilex ( to a circle and then send him a hangout message.
Your First and Last Name *
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Agent Name *
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Primary Play Area *
You're main stomping area such as "Moore", "NW OKC", etc
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G+ google email for Hangouts *
This is the primary address used to contact you via Hangouts
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Linke to your Google Plus profile page
Go to and select Profile, copy URL (should end in /posts)
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Current Level *
Existing Resistance Agents you know or can vouch for you.
Who started you playing? Who do you know or have met already (if any)?
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Send Jubilex ( a private Hangout message *
This is so we can talk directly to you and vet you for the community. The primary form of communication is through Hangouts (the game comm is not secure). If you do not know what hangouts is, it is Google's texting application. You must install this on your phone. See this link for more information:
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