Application to Join LMSA URM Residency Hub Team (MS3/4s only please!)
Thank you for your interest in supporting URM students applying for residency this year! Below you will find a brief description of the LMSA URM Residency Hub, as well as information about your potential role.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased barriers to success for URM students. These past few months have exposed URM students and their communities to COVID-related health disparities and trauma from recent tragedies of police brutality, among the many other challenges they have continuously faced from discrimination and racism. Yet, fourth year medical students must continue to navigate residency applications despite the reduced opportunities for visiting clerkships, in-person networking, and mentorship.

To address this need, LMSA will partner with residency programs across the U.S. to provide a centralized online resource for students to learn more about programs that advocate for communities of color by supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in medicine. Residency programs will provide descriptions of initiatives they are undertaking to advance DEI, provide information for an informal URM specialty adviser, and post webinars to a calendar.

- Temporary role under the LMSA National Mentorship Task Force.
- Serve as point of contact for residency programs in your specialty of interest.
- Elicit information from residency programs and enter it into the Google Drive.
- Maintain an organized folder for your assigned specialty.

- Learn more about residency programs in your specialty of interest!
- Residency programs will get to know YOU as well, and see your dedication for supporting URM students.

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