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Rating Key: 5= Strongly Agree; 4= Agree; 3= Undecided; 2= Disagree; 1= Strongly Disagree

Content provided was detailed enough to cover the courses content adequately (1 - 5)
Hyperlinks (links) to content function effectively. (1 - 5)
The navigational structure utilized is intuitive (1 - 5)
You comfortably navigated the course
When connected to the internet on a broadband connection the download speed did not prevent me from accessing instructional content (1 - 5)
Using the assignment upload feature on Moodle was easily understood. (1 - 5)
The assignments upload feature worked effectively. (1 - 5)
The quality of collaborative tools available on the platform was adequate for group learning (chat, wikis, discussion forum...) (1 - 5)
The orientation session(s) adequately prepared me for instruction via distance. (1 - 5)
The quality of instruction provided was comparable to that offered by face to face delivery. (1 - 5)
Appropriate technology was used to deliver specific content. (1 - 5)
The assessments conducted adequately covered the content presented. (1 - 5)
(You were assessed on what you were taught)
What method of contact was most effective when you required one to one assistance with training issues with instructor?
On average how quick was the response time for training related questions?
The quality of feedback for training questions received was...
Which methods of contact was most effective when you required one to one assistance with technical issues?
Choose all that apply
On average, how quick was the response time for technical issues?
The quality of feedback for technical questions received was...
What areas do you think we need to improve?
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