Reiki Tummo 3A ( Personal Mastery) Hamilton
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Date: 18 May
Time: 9.00am to 5.30 pm
Address: 9 Anglesea Street, Hamilton 3204

Contact Jane at 021 240 7302 or

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Reiki Tummo Level 3A (Personal Mastery) & Shing Chi attunement
3. Reiki TUMMO™ Level 3A
In the Reiki TUMMO™ 3A workshop the previous attunements are enhanced, and the throat, navel, sacral and base chakras are opened. The kundalini fire reaches at least to the heart chakra level. The Shing Chi (8th chakra) attunement is given as a bonus.

Mass energy channeling/healing.
Programming an object to become an active energy channel.
Developing the seven major chakras.
Advanced stage of the Tummo technique.
Letting the Divine blessing surpass your limitations.
Introduction to the Divine Shing Chi chakra.
Prerequisite: Reiki TUMMO™ Level 2.. There is a minimum 21-day waiting period between receiving Level 2 and Level 3A.

SHING CHI Attunements

The Shing Chi chakras are divine chakras, located above the crown chakra. Activating higher chakras will allow you to access the energy from these higher chakras. The quality of this higher vibration energy is so good that it is very useful for spiritual growth and healing.

Cleanse and develop every major chakra by using Shing Chi energy (higher energy vibration than Reiki).
Shing Chi attunement to connect to higher vibration of Divine energy by opening higher Divine chakras above crown chakra.
Channeling energy with Shing Chi.
Prerequisite: Reiki TUMMO™ Level 3A

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