Distributed Weakness Filing (DWF) CVE Request form for PUBLIC issues in OpenSource software v5.0
Please note that the contents of this form are made PUBLIC as a Google spreadsheet at https://pending-requests-v5.distributedweaknessfiling.org/ and anyone can add comments. You can also download all the data as an Excel file by going to https://pending-requests-xlsx-v5.distributedweaknessfiling.org/ (the download should start automatically).

Please expect a 1-2 week delay, I apologize but as there is only one person processing these CVE requests they will take a while.

The section below is the minimum mandatory questions (with the exception of the fixed version), a second optional set of questions follows. If you need CVE(s) for an embargoed issue please contact us via email. All responses MUST be in english with exceptions for email address, vendor and product names. At this time the DWF cannot support any languages other than english.

We have split this form into several parts to make filling it out easier.
Requestors emails address: *
This email address will be made public and must be working (we will email you to confirm the CVE assignment)
Your answer
I confirm that this CVE is for an Open Source software component/library/etc. *
If unsure please see https://opensource.org/licenses for a complete list of OSI approved licenses
I confirm that I have read the CVE Terms of Use and agree to them *
Please see https://cve.mitre.org/about/termsofuse.html for the CVE Terms of Use
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