Batchworth Sea Scouts Escape Room
Batchworth Sea Scouts are off to summer camp, but have run into a number of problems which we hope you can help with.

You’ll need to drop in on all the fun camp activities to help out. But first, let's head over to camp HQ to see if there’s anything there that might be of use to you…

A few tips, though, before we head to Camp HQ:

- You should work as a team to do this. Before you set out, think of how your team want to approach this, and what role everyone will play. Make sure you listen to everyone's ideas and get everyone involved. Sometimes the answers come from where you least expect it.

- All answers/passcodes consist of combinations of letters and/or numbers. Please remember to enter the letters as CAPITAL letters only.

- You may want to have pen and paper to hand to make notes as you go.

Note: to receive the Leaders' Cheat Sheet for this escape room, or to provide any feedback, please email

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