Induction Cooktop Reading Check
Read the article, then answer the following questions.
An Induction Cooktop
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Induction means generating _________ using __________. (Type both words, separated by a comma.)
Who discovered that an electric current generates a magnetic field?
When was the first, simple, electric motor invented? And who invented it?
When was the first electric generator invented?
What type of current does an induction cooktop use?
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Why is an induction cooktop, turned on but with no cookware on it, cold to the touch?
What is an eddy current?
Why is the frequency of the alternating current so high in an induction cooktop? (It can be upwards of 40,000 Hz, significantly higher than the standard outlet frequency of 60 Hz.)
Can you use an aluminum pan on an induction cooktop?
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How does the efficiency of an induction cooktop compare to a traditional cooktop? Why is this the case?
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