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* Please note that I'm currently moving house and will not have any paperbacks for approximately two weeks (25th September 2017). You can still order, but all invoices will be sent when I'm unpacked. Thank you!

Signed or personalised paperbacks. All paperbacks are $12AUD each and will include signed SWAG.

Shipping from Australia is as follows:
To US - $15.95AUD for one book (Approx $12.50US) or $24AUD with tracking. (Shipping will be slightly cheaper for 3 or more books).
To UK - $18.95AUD for one book (Approx 12gbp) or $29AUD with tracking. (Shipping will be slightly cheaper for 3 or more books).
To AU - $7.95AUD for one book. Up to 7 books for $15.

*Please note: if you choose the shipping price without tracking, and the books are lost in the mail, I will not resend them. It is not common for packages to go missing, but the risk is there.

Thank you! :)

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Notes/comment! (Here you can note if you want more than one copy of a specific book. If you want a special message inside. If you want the books signed to different names).
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