CARES Foster Care Agreement
Please be sure that you have filled out the Foster Care Application and have submitted it before completing this agreement.
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Please carefully read the following agreement guidelines.
By your agreement declaration, full name, and email, you agree to abide by each of these guidelines.
1. I willingly volunteer to care for the above-referenced animals.

2. I understand that the purpose of this foster relationship is solely to provide temporary care for the animal(s), and that the animals solely belong to CARES.

3. I agree to attend any foster training programs as required by CARES.

4. I understand that only CARES management may approve and authorize the people chosen to become foster caregivers.

5. I agree to return the animal on the scheduled date or on demand, whichever is sooner.

6. I understand that I must contact CARES immediately if circumstances arise in which I am unable to provide the best possible care for the animal(s).

7. I understand that all foster placement decisions are made solely by CARES staff and management. I understand that all animals placed for foster must first go through an intake process managed by CARES staff and management.

8. I understand that the transfer of the animal from one foster caregiver to another can only be authorized by CARES staff and management. I understand that I do not have permission to make arrangements for the placement of animals into foster care, or transfer the care of the foster animals to another person without the authorization of CARES staff and management.

9. I agree to make the animal available to CARES at their discretion for participation in mobile adoption presentations. Reasonable accommodations will be made to transport the animal.

10. I understand that I will be responsible for the daily care and feeding of the foster animal(s).

11. Should the animal become ill, I understand that I will contact CARES or a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) approved by CARES if the foster requires medical attention.

12. I understand that veterinary care will be authorized solely at the discretion of the CARES staff or management. I understand that CARES cannot be responsible for charges incurred at other veterinary hospitals without prior approval.

13. I agree that I will not administer medicine or perform any medical treatment unless first approved by a CARES staff member and/or DVM who has been authorized by CARES. If medications are prescribe, I will administer this medication exactly in the manner prescribed. I will not administer home remedies unless first approved by the CARES staff and/or a DVM who has been authorized by CARES.

14. I understand that my home may be subject to inspection by CARES staff to insure that it is a suitable environment for the animal.

15. I understand that my own resident animal(s) could be exposed to medical conditions or behaviors that have not been recognized in the foster animal, and that my resident animal(s) may be at risk.

16. I understand that any behavioral training must be made in accordance with CARES policies.

17. I understand that all placements for adoption are made at the discretion of CARES staff and management through the CARES Pet Adoption Program and are subject to the same guidelines as any other adoptions.

18. I understand that although I am encouraged to find a suitable, permanent home for the animal, I am not permitted to make arrangements for adoptions that are independent of supervision and permission of CARES staff and management.

19. I agree that if I fail to abide by these agreements, I will not be permitted to continue to foster the animal nor foster any future animals.

By checking the box below, I acknowledge that I have read, fully understand, and fully agree to each point of the CARES Foster Care Agreement. *
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